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"I run the marathon to the very last mile" - Beastie Boys
Weekend Update 
16th-May-2006 11:20 am
What did I do on Saturday? Oh yeah... for the most part I did nothing on Saturday morning, but we had a wedding to attend that afternoon. The wedding was of Jen's TVA mentor when she worked there and some dude we didn't know. Uh, oh... I feel that massive wedding blog feeling coming on... must resist. Well, I wasn't IN the wedding, so that's okay. Anyway, the wedding was going to be outside and the sun was shining with little clouds. The photographers out there are going - MACRO TIME! With the luxury of copious amounts of natural light, almost any lens of any length can take a picture at a decent speed. If your shutter speed is to slow and you don't have a tripod... it just gets BBLLUURRYY. So, I was locked and loaded with my Canon AV-1. With kids and wife ready we headed out...

The wedding was to be outside at the University Club. The University Club is a UT building that hosts many regal events for the University and for those that choose to rent it out. It consists of an old house (which my Boss' ex-wife used to live in) with some modern additions. Anyway, the house sits on top of a hill that overlooks Lake Loudon (Tennessee River) and at the bottom of the hill, is where the ceremony was being held. Now this wasn't just a hill, it was a BIG BIG hill... if it was snowing, you'd be wanting life insurance because you'd might not be able to stop before you made it into the river.

The ceremony was pretty. White flowers, Candles, white chairs... We sat in the back left hand corner due to the kids. We could not hear anything that was being said during the ceremony... with the boat noise, the wind, the vehicular noise from Alcoa Highways and the helicopters and airplanes... it was hard to hear anything 10 feet away from you. So, at some point they kissed and then walked away. I assume that no one objected from the lack of fistfights that broke out. The reception was UP the hill in the University Club. With the way that the house was setup it really broke the reception up to individual rooms with the main event being outside. I can't really complain because the food at the reception was outstanding! The highlights were the Brie Cheese, White & Dark Chocolate cover strawberries and the chicken patties. So, I left with a full belly.

Later that night, I had to make, okay the picnic had been canceled so I didn't HAVE to make them, some cookies! On the menu was Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies and sugar cookies for all the abnormal people. Turns out with the threat of major wet weather (none came) the picnic for the preschool families was canceled. The cookie cooking however, was NOT canceled. So, at about 8pm, the cooking began. The sugar cookies were scratched off the list because, well, they were since they have little (read="no") chocolate to them. So, I made the batter and started cooking and was very disappointed that although the taste was correct, the cookies were not rising correctly. They were very flat and was soon HAPPY that the picnic was canceled because I would not want to serve these ugly, but tasty cookies. More research needs to be conducted to determine if there was something in the flour or baking soda departments that caused this lacks of cookie magic. The current evidence of this foul creation is being consumed at a high rate and should be eradicated soon.

Jen worked the Nursery Welcome Station, so that meant that we would go to the early service, then to Sunday School and be out by 11am instead of 12:30pm. Sunday School class was cool because the scholarly of the class was doing an abbreviated talk about the history of the Bible. It was really cool and if I tried to explain any of it I would get it wrong... so I will stick with "It was Cool" reply.

That afternoon we needed to go to Sam's Club to buy somethings for Jen's daycare event that she was having Monday for Mother's Appreciation. We actually did very well in Sam's and didn't buy that 3lb bag of Fish Sticks (wink, wink), but we did find almost everything that we needed but a trip to the grocery store was still needed. So, we headed out to the grocery store and not to bore you with details of our excursion... I did have one exciting moment.

Back before George Clooney single-handily brought back the pomade in vogue during the movie O Brother Where Art Thou?, I had been using a pomade from Rave. Yes, that is Rave, the maker of the 97 cent hairspray from back in the 80s and 90s. You know you'd be using Aquanet but that was your mother's hairspray and so Rave was your cheap escape to not be like mom. Same nasty smell, same nasty taste... all with the same sticking power. The Rave pomade was not a wax but firmer than a gel and it worked. When I had longer hair it would really give some moldability to it and all was right with the world. It was less than $2 and at Wal-mart... then one day, the skies turned gray and the little space on the Wal-mart shelves for the Rave Pomade was gone... it was a sad sad day.

There is really only one thing that Al Gore ever did that I appreciated. Okay, honestly there are probably more but I am having selective memory on this one. Did not like Al Gore, thought Clinton was an okay dude except for the whole knob-polishing in the oval office. You'd think that they could cover that up a little better... maybe they needed better mob connections. And the incident makes me dislike Hillary... that she would stay with her husband during all of his infidelity... makes me think that all she wants is power. So, if the democrats are going to pick her... why why why... do they chose candidates that they do? It don't make no sense... but it's good fodder for Saturday Night Live so I am "Forgainst It" Okay, that was an nonsequiter political rant from me and I don't like politics... thank goodness I don't vote... too much work... *sheesh* Honestly, I do vote. Okay back to fellow (he was raised in DC) Tennessean Mr. Gore... my favorite thing that he did was utter the words with passion "It's a national outrage...". So, now when I write to companies to complain about their products or changes in products, I start off my rant with "it's a National Outrage that..."

When McDonalds changed their milkshake from decent to their Triple Thick Shake CRAP, I sent them a letter. They responded with that's nice, shut up and super size it. No problemo... I'll just go to Burger King where I don't have to have a chocolate-strawberry milkshake when I order Chocolate... Focus, Terry, Focus... Okay, back to Rave... I wrote them a letter and told them it was a National Outrage that they removed their product off their shelves and that I told them that I was going to have to use of their fellow Colleagues (I use this word instead of competition) products. I did get a nice letter back that listed places that I could try to find more products. And I did. I brought the last 4 at a Walgreens for $0.75 each. SCORE!

Those last four precious cans of hair product have long been gone. And I have in vain tried to find something with the staying power and cost-effective. A new saga begins...

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, when the crap pomade I was using was getting ready to be extinct, so in a desperate attempt, I braved the Wal-mart climate to find another pomade that would get the Terry-doo to do. Sitting on the shelves, overlooking it's other hair care products like a cell tower on a hill, was salvation. It was a big bottle of squirty gel, but attached to it, hugged in plasticwrap was a free gift, a fullsized can of pomade. The brand name, DEP, yes, the same DEP that rivals Rave in it's lowcost and putrid product colors. For a measly $2.36, I'd have to skip a taco bell excursion, but I'd be fly with my hair all whacked... provided that it worked. If not, the big gel would last me until 2010 or longer, so I'd be okay. The pomade, did work. It it thinner than the rave, but has lots of stickiness power and is ideal for my hair. The gel, not so much... oh it works, but it doesn't last 6 hours where as the pomade lasts 8-10. So, pleased with the DEP, I went to Wal-mart to get some more. The free packaging was no more and there was no indication that the pomade would have a permanent address on the Wal-mart shelf.

I was now, on a crusade, to find more cans of pomade, so that I could be a Dapper Dan. I ended up finding one more free gift package. So, now I was able to have pomade at home and in my workout bag. So, I am finally tying this into the past weekend, trust me.

So, we were in Kroger, went down the hair care aisle, I see a DEP package with free hair gel, the price 2/$3.00... SCORE! The hair gel is even a different and higher holding number... is a 10!

Um, I think that's all the exciting stuff about Sunday... you made it through... YAY!
16th-May-2006 11:02 pm (UTC)
What's up with all the weddings?!

And I agree with you on Hillary. I don't think there's any way I could have stood by him if he committed adultery on me. Just for politics? I don't think so. Marriage of convenience.

17th-May-2006 04:32 am (UTC)
This is so totally random, I love it. I can't believe you wrote it (I don't know why) and I really can't believe I read it, but I was laughing the whole way through. Thanks for the evening entertainment. Who knew hair care products would be so riveting?

21st-May-2006 06:16 am (UTC)
You go to so many weddings!!! I may have to pay you to send me some cake!

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