It’s Race Week

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Whoops… I never hit publish on this post! YIKES!

Hello People out there it’s race week here in Tennessee!

This Saturday I have the Calhoun’s 10 miler set for Saturday morning right near the Tellico Dam on the Mighty Tennessee. And I am so unprepared for this race. It’s not funny. OKay, maybe it is a little funny… haha with a little “h”.

Once again, I missed my opportunity to do a long run over the weekend. It was my intention to run a 8.something course on Sunday morning, but the sleep bug took a big bite out of my ass and kept me in bed. Zzzz. Despite the fact that we overslept, until our kids came to wake us up, we still made it to church and Sunday school, stuff that we have been, eh-um, a little slack on the past few weeks.

Okay, a sad little mention here before I get back to the running. You know that BlackHawk Helicopter that went down the other day taking out like 13 people? Well, I found out today that our Sunday school class, Partners in Christ, have been gathering supplies (soap, candy, etc) to make care packages for the soldiers overseas. Well, some how our class and the chaplain whose unit lost those men are connected. I don’t know if we were going to be sending them packages to that specific unit or if he’s just the overseas contact. Anyway, a news story hits close to home.

Now back to our feel good story of the day. Despite the fact that I did not run either on Saturday Nor sunday. I did run on Friday… 5 miles to be exact. I ran my Back to the Tracks 5 mile course through downtown Knoxville. It’s actually a hybrid of my Market Square Fab 4 course, so it’s comfortable. On Friday I ran the course in 44:20 and was a little worn out after it. I can’t say that I was excited at my pace seeing that the 8:52 (average) pace was really getting to me. Especially after my Thanksgiving race of 5 miles was a 7:30ish pace at race pace. Remember, I have a 10 miler this weekend.

So today, I ran again. This time, I ran the Back to the Tracks course again. I didn’t really know that I was going to do this course, but I went ahead and decided to do it even though I knew I would be cutting it close with my lunchtime. Today, I did much better. I finished the 5 miles in 42:57 an 8:35 average pace and I had enough energy to finish the last 0.2 of a mile strong. Basically, the Fast Finish technique if you listen to the Dump Runner’s Club.

I used an online race predictor to forecast what my 10 mile time should be before the race and it was a 9:01 pace of 1:30:12. I’d say that is about right. I’d give you all the ugly stats about the Calhoun’s 10 miler in a post closer to race day, but for now I am going to shoot for a goal time of 1:29:30, with a stretch goal of 1:27:30. Current PR for the course is 1:26:08.



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How many of us have dreams (hands raise)

I learned quite a bit during my time in San Diego. Despite that I was very cold in Southern California, I had a chance to do some inner processing of myself, I think that’s why I love, no… LOVE MK events like this. Not only only am I surrounded by hundreds (sometimes thousands) of Sharp women (a good number that make more money than I do) but I get to ride on my wife’s coattails and get free training and free stuff as well.

If you were around in July, I talked about it “Raining Firemen” (if that interests you, there ARE pictures, just go back to the July 2006/August 2006 archives), that MK event is called Seminar and is in Dallas every July. In January, the MK Directors have a conference in mid January called Leadership and is held at different cities around the Nation: Nashville (2004), New Orleans (2005), Atlanta (2006), San Diego (2007) and Houston (2008). Leadership is for Sales Directors only and is a time of cleansing with the new year as well as focusing on goals for the rest of the MK Year (July-June).

This year, a few of the National Sales Directors got together and had a Power Day, the day before Leadership actually started. It was this day that had the biggest impact. I’m writing most of this without looking at my notes, but if I don’t do it now, I’ll be way far behind…

But I figured out what my Dream job would be (which after saying it outloud, it seemed rather obvious):

To have a photography business where people could contract me to preferably fly me various places (with my family) around the world to take pictures for them, in whatever capacity they needed. I would be given time to explore the area with my family as well as on foot while running.

I still I have a few things to work out, but I am going to start on my dream job right now. In the next few days, I will be unveiling my new camera, but what I need to focus on is my W.O.W.

What is a W.O.W.? you ask. Well, the guest speaker for the Power Day was Marcia Wieder, America’s Dream Coach. I didn’t know who she was either until that day, but you know what… Oprah knows who she is. She was personally chosen to be on the Big O’s show about dreams ( not the ZZZZzzz kind).

Marcia expertise about dreams and we were treated to a short course on her normal workshop that she holds. I’ll give you two stories that Marcia talked about, one that a 70 year old lady and I have in common as well as a story about her dreams.

Marcia spoke about a 70 year old woman who had an aspiration of being a professional photographer. Do you know what the difference between an Amateur photographer and a Professional photographer? You guessed it… cold hard cash!

So at the ripe young age of 70, this woman wanted to be a professional photographer, but everyone around her told her that she was too old, too this, too that. Despite all the negative talk, she considered submitting one of her photos to a contest being held by Kodak (remember my Staples photo contest from a while back). She eventually did submit a photo and it won 1st place and for her reward, she was PAID $10,000 and her photograph traveled the nation in an art exhibit. I could not believe the similarities between us, except for the age and gender differences. You better believe that I am going to enter that Staples contest!

The other story is about Ms. Wieder herself. At an event that Marcia was attending, a women asked her to name one of her dreams, after all, she does have dreams too. Marcia’s dream was to spend time on a Greek isle writing a book. The women immediately whips out her card and says that she owns a home on the island and that it would be vacant all summer long. Talk about a mind trip.

The lesson here is to speak your dream to anyone and everyone. You are going to have discouragers and encouragers but you are also are going to have people who can do things to move along or catapult your dreams. You remember the tagline, “A mind is a Terrible thing to waste”, “Dreams are terrible things to waste” too.

So, I’ve told you my dream in a raw form. I will be sharing more about my dream and what steps I am taking to reach my dream and I hope that in some shape way or form, this will help you as well. In the beginning of March, we are going back to San Diego to attend her weekend conference.

But what’s the W.O.W. thing… it stands for Within One Week and it’s an action step that you take to reach your dreams. To use marathoning as an example, we don’t just go out and run a marathon. We map out a schedule (hopefully stick to it) but our goal of running a marathon starts with a short small success. It might be walk a mile, it might be run a mile, it might be walk/run 4 miles. Whatever it is, it’s a step toward the dream of finishing a marathon.

So my WOW task is to create a portfolio of my work. I used to have (it’s still there ) a photoblog of some of the stuff that I thought was decent, and scattered within it was stuff that I really liked. I abandoned updating that photoblog from the shear amount of spam that I was receiving. Since December, I have started another photoblog, which is not updated, with special thanks to Leesa for cluing me in on it. In addition to an online portfolio, I am also going to be making a real life portfolio, one that I can carry…


The Worst Thing…

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about being gone for so long without internet access is that emails and schtuff piles up!

work emails, personal emails… YIKES! Well, it’s okay for the most part… it’s mostly junk/spam anyway. I’ve worked through all but a couple of emails, so that’s good.

I am trying to work through the blogs now, trying to figure out what you have been up to while I have been gone. Then there is what I have been doing while I have been gone.

I can say that our trip to San Diego was phenomenal… remember back to my Morphing post back on Jan 2? I talked about things in my life… well, I had some great foundation forming these past few days.

Hopefully, I can make “my rounds” in the next few days and check up on everybody. I do have a podcast episode that’s a couple of days old now that needs to go out. It’s recorded, but not edited or anything like that…


(no subject)

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We are here in denver, but our flight is late. It is definitely COLD here, it just passes through you. Now to wait for our flight.


Mining for Gold

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Well, I think that I may have struck it rich. Okay, it’s not gold, but it’s copper. Don’tthink for a moment that I don’t know that Copper has a great black market resell value. But your not going to find it on any engagement ring.

So check out this photo album and let me know what you think…


Website Updates

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Remember a few posts back when I asked your opinion on 3 different photogallery setups.

Web picture Creator’s gallery: of American Samoa Pics
Gallery2 gallery: Cruise Pictures
PictoralisII gallery: Cruise Pictures

Well, there was an overwhelming concensus (3 people I think) that liked PictoralisII and to be honest, I kinda like it as well. However, I am having a pickle trying to get it to do what I want it to do, organizationally.

I would very much like to have the pictures ordered by date, so that finding albums, etc are easy and logical. I can’t seem to get Pictoralis to do this. I can get it organized the albums by year, but when I do that it throws all the pictures into one album (say, 2006) and stirs. So you the viewer has NO idea what the picture references (was it a picture from St. Thomas or St. Maarten).

I can rearrange stuff in Gallery2, but the format is stiff and stuffy.

okay… so back to see what can work


Go Paperless, Plant a Tree

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which translates to “Let us guilt you into cutting our costs” or that’s how I see it…

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for trees. The more, the better. I am for being Green, just look at blog colors. I try to use the Greener Flourescent bulbs in my house. Hell, I pay to recycle at my house and I go out of the way to recycle cardboard and mixed paper. In fact, one of the errands I have to do is to dump my cardboard off at the recycle place this afternoon. So don’t label me as a nature hater.

So here’s what landed in my inbox this morning:

Trees play a major role in keeping our environment healthy. To put things in perspective, a single tree can — in one day — provide oxygen for up to four people and discharge up to 100 gallons of water from the ground into the air. And in one year, the tree can absorb 16.87 pounds of carbon dioxide.
By switching to Paperless Statements, not only will you be conserving a vital natural resource, Citi will also plant a new tree on your behalf. For more information, click here.
Plus, enjoy the benefits of going paperless:</p>
Reduce paper clutter by viewing your statements online
Access your transaction information anywhere, anytime
View and print current and past statements, up to six months

Enrolling in Paperless Statements is easy. It’s free. And it’s for a good cause. So what are you waiting for? Just click on the button below and sign up for Paperless Statements.

Marketeers are good… They should have mentioned how going paperless will stop global warming…

Even though I poke fun at this email, at least they (the big huge credit card company) are doing something for the betterment of the entire world. I had one credit card company force me to go paperless and then I had to do a roundabout in the menus to get my paper copy back.

I need my paper copy. To receive it in the mail is more reliable than for me to logon and print a copy of my statement, even though I sit at the computer almost all day and most of the night.

Well, off to recycle my 30lbs of cardboard…


she’s on her way

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Before I start my verbal diarrhea which I like to call my running blog, I would like to ask for your prayers, thoughts, positive vibes, or whatever you call that inner calling for the healing of others. I have a friend who has lost someone quite unexpectedly and is having… I wouldn’t say hard or difficult, but more of a surreal experience with it and needs some healing. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

My hot clicky-chicky is on her way to Big Papa… at least that what the email says. I haven’t gone to the package tracker and see all the sights that she could be taking pictures of, and now that I think about it, it would be pictures of a truck.

So, did I talk about my swim yesterday? I don’t think that I did. Well, it was a nice swim of 3laps, 3 laps, 3 laps and then 9 laps.  For a grant total of… you do the math… 18 laps, which is as close as I get to the 1/2 mile marker in a 25 yard lane of a pool. I wasn’t all that speedy, my 400 meter time was a little over 9 minutes, so that wouldn’t cut it for my triathlon swim, but I haven’t really swam since September.

As I was getting ready to run today, a guy started talking about the weather and without actually trying to invite him to run with me, he needed someone to pace him. So, recording of my next podcast was going to have to wait… sigh. But I am helping a fellow runner, so it wasn’t all that bad.

So today I ran with Randall, a 47 year old student earning his BA in Poly sci with the intent of transferring and then going to Law School. He is not a serious runner, but does enjoy the euphoric feeling that ebbs out of our pores after a good run.

We ran my Bridge of Death route through Tyson Park and 3rd Creek Greenway which measures up to 4.32 miles. The pace was a 10:02 pace and pretty consistent the entire run. What was nice is that he was forcing me to run at a slower pace than I would have, so it helped us both out.

Unfortuantely, the slow pace made the run longer than I normally run, thus making me late back from lunch. Luckily, I don’t have an obvious clock watching monger boss, so it was okay. Tomorrow is going to be a rest day and not sure what I am going to do on Friday.

I’ll be in San Diego from Sat-Wed, so not sure what will be on the running plate. I am trying to organize a run with My Other (Running) Brother Darrell, whose son is a becoming a master chef in the area. But we will see if that works out, hopefully so even if for a short jaunt.